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    In order to continue having the company presence, where our customer can ask for advice on just about anything.

As a trading company and as a manufacturer, we are moving forward for the creation of new value.

We at HRD have historically placed ourselves in our industry over 100 years spanning the periods of Meiji, Taisho, Showa and Heisei from the inception of the foundation in 1902. It goes without saying that a large number of the industrial machinery and manufacturing equipments which are so-called  excellent results deriving from innovative endeavor, played important role in bolstering the basis for Japan’s dramatic economic growth during all those years. It is however to be noted that the situation of specialize trading companies has been undergoing significant changes amid the transition from the industrial society to the information-oriented society.

We have so far established significant relationship in networking with over 1000 entities of suppliers and vendors, and have engaged in businesses in marketing and consulting in line with each type of these entities. We have been successful in building relationship based on mutual trust, trust more than mere business partners, by proposing efficiency, laborsaving and low-cost in every aspect of the industry. In recent years our company has gained trust, contributing to the society as a manufacturer while involved in various product developments and manufacturing plans as some sort of a producer, going beyond the boundary of specialized trading company as it were. So far through a large number of collaboration efforts we have made good performance in such areas as the development of unique devices, or assistance in launches of manufacturing plant in overseas countries. These efforts of ours will definitely continue unchanged.

Recently Japan had been faced with unprecedented crisis as exemplified by the hollowing-out of a industry. Besides with regards to the involvement in the issues of energy or environment and access to information technology there have been not a few tasks which should be resolved by the industry as the whole. Even so it is true that there is a possibility for creating a new business. We believe that a new “value creation” should be a key for all the companies to survive regardless of businesses. We at HRD will endeavor to enhance relationship of trust and to make contribution to the society even hereafter by resolving problems which every customer of ours faces irrespective of users or manufacturers.

Seishi Shimoda

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