History of HRD

japan office

June 1902 Founded “HARADA SHOKAI” in Shimonoseki
April 1906 Established “HARADA GUMI” in Dalian
September 1927 Started to provide products of TSUBAKIMOTO CHAIN CO
October 1937 Established “HARADA SHOJI CO., LTD.” in Dalian
September 1946 Established “HARADA SHOJI CO., LTD.” in Osaka
March 2004 Obtained certification of ISO14001 environment management system
October 2004 Changed the name of the company to HRD CO., LTD.
Established an overseas subsidiary “HRD (THAILAND) CO., LTD.” in Thailand
May 2007 Obtained certification of ISO9001 quality management system
(First sales department of Osaka branch)

japan office

In order to continue having the company presence, where our customer can ask for advice on just about anything.

It all started in “Aiming for what is Common”

Back when I became the president, my goal was to “Aim for what is Common.”What does “Common” means? It means, to make it a common practice to keep the company system and the company communication functioning, and to make the unclear parts transparent.It is a very important part, which leads to the trust, of not only the employees, but also the trust of the customers. It is not about taking a greedy stance to pursue an ambition. But it is about achieving a steady growth by making each step become a strong foothold. And even now, I still do treasure such concept of a company.

Products are safe,
and employees are reliable in HRD which possesses “Full Man Power.”

HRD's strength lies, more than anything else, in the “Credibility” it has from its customers.In our company, we encourage our employees to become always aware of the importance of winning trust.And so our close connection with more than 1000 companies consisted of suppliers and buyers, is a great appealing characteristic of HRD.Making full use of both these characteristics enables us to provide products with unparalleled speed and cost performance, and non-disappointing services both nationwide and abroad.Moreover, in our company, at the beginning of every year we decide our company policy for that year, all employees work on new things together towards fulfilling the year's policy.And in doing so, we aim to achieve a management that leads to winning credibility.That is the reason why we have trustworthy employees, and we can deliver secured products.

Aiming for a company where its employees are trusted by customers.

HRD wants to become a company whom all our customers can seek advice on just about any problems our customers have, no matter how small these problems are.As such, we are training our employees so that they are able to create an environment conducive to asking questions, no matter how small these questions are, and so that they become competent in responding to such questions. In this fast-paced changing times, what is being sought from managers like us, is the harmony of people, technology and environment.HRD will continue finding out new “Value Creation” in the future, and in doing so, will move forward, one step at at time, aiming for a strong company presence.

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